#AEVTARDEPROGRAM performance lecture by Cibelle Cavalli Bastos

Thursday, 23 July

7-8pm CEST

Are we operating like algorithms, incapable of empathy and nuanced perceptions of the self and others?

Cibelle Cavalli Bastos @aevtarperform takes a metaphorical approach to look at ideas of perception and understandings of the Self and others. Applying this idea specifically to computational systems and alternative language, #aevtardeprogram performance lecture activates inner technologies to kick-start deprogramming processes that can halt algorithmic behaviour and bring about radical empathy.


#aevtardeprogram is an ongoing "work-in-process" about intra- and nano-political strategies for deprograming oneself from societal malware. Focussing life-work on non-performance, @aevtarperform raises questions about performance and identity. The performance activates this personal archive and invites themself and the audience to deprogram and to sensitise towards our capacities of being many and truthful to ourselves.


EMPOWER 3D avatar workshop hosted by Gabriel Massan

Tuesday, 28 July

7-8pm CEST

In times where social media rules most of our interactions and design plays a major role in artistic works, it is utterly important to develop strategies of uplifting the relevance and aesthetics of marginalised creatives.

Using 3D graphic design and/or animation is an asset traditionally reserved for the privileged only: the gadgets, the software, the skills, are kept in majoritarily white, cis-gendered, male circles. There are countless reasons why including those marginalised by gender and ethnicity it is not only revolutionary, it is necessary to offer those who already face exorbitantly more difficulties in the art fields the opportunity to increase their technical skills and ultimately provide them with more options of creative outcome and income possibilities.


Gabriel Massan will teach you the basics on how to create a 3D avatar using free software only. With Blender and Sculptris, he will guide you through an experience of free creation of your visual manifestation in the digital world.


EMPOWER session: performance + Q&A by Sanni Est

Tuesday, 28 July

8-9pm CEST

The EMPOWER pilot session will feature Sanni Est performing 5 songs live accompanied by African-Brazilian percussionist Neto Salles and an electronic backing track. EMPOWER sessions are an immersive audiovisual experience with a focus on avant-garde music by Queer and Trans People of Color of Berlin.


Inspired by the COLORS session, which consists of a live vocal performance recorded in high-quality in a monochromatic cube, EMPOWER sessions have the ‘projection cube’ as a set design. The PROJECTION CUBE is a three-sided transparent projection surface which allows the performer to place themself inside it and look like a living hologram, lit with a spotlight. The PROJECTION CUBE has been designed by Sanni Est and Uferlos Studios and successfully tested and used at Empowe/AR Festival, at Flugraben e.V. 3D visuals by Gabriel Massan will be projected on the CUBE’s surfaces.


Afterwards, Sanni will answer questions about the concept of the CUBE, her songwriting, singing as a trans woman and how her migrating to Germany influences her compositions.

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 1.14.49 PM.png

CO-CREATING THE FUTURE panel discussion curated by All Black Creatives

Thursday, 30 July

8-9pm CEST

What can the future look like for creatives who are sometimes underrepresented or misrepresented in their creative fields? Danielle Elise, founder of All Black Creatives, will moderate a chat about how collaborating globally can inspire us, and what we dream the future of our fields could look like. Guests include interdisciplinary artist and cinematographer Lydia Hicks, techie and video game designer TJ Hughes, and event curator and host Maureen ‘Mo’ Mutheu.

All Black Creatives is a multi-generational community made up of Black creatives of all sorts including designers, musicians, entrepreneurs, and more! Our mission is to celebrate Black creatives every day and our vision is to develop an ecosystem of resources, connections, and opportunities that help them to live out their greatest potential.

Made possible by the support of Jägermeister.